If you’re looking for a way to listen to some HF activity, but don’t currently have an HF radio or maybe you’re lacking an antenna or live in an area with a heavy noise level – you can try using WebSDR to receive. http://www.websdr.org has a bunch of receivers on air that are broadcast over the internet, including one in Northern PA that’s great to listen to NY State/Section and Regional nets with. Examples being the New York Public Operations Net at 5PM daily on 3925 kHz or Second Region Net (2RN) at 6:30PM daily on 3926 kHz.


As of Monday, April 12, 2021 – the Oneida County Traffic & Emergency Net (OCTEN) has changed from 9:30PM to a net start time of 8:00PM. Satellite repeaters will be called within a few minutes of net time. Any questions related to OCTEN can be emailed to octen@wnyham.com for a reply.

Net Manager is Doug AK2Z. Assistant Net Manager is Dick KA2JFU.